She Asked Her Pastor To Bury Her With A Fork. The Reason Why Is So Sad…

She Asked Her Pastor To Bury Her With A Fork. The Reason Why Is So Sad…

Not many things can feel better than hope. If a person is equipped with hope and a positive attitude, those things can often help her get through even the most trying and difficult times in life. Hope not only is good for individuals, but it’s also beneficial for all of the people they encounter on a daily basis. It’s infectious, and in the best possible way.

A woman who was suffering from a terminal sickness only had three months left in life. As a result, she was busy planning for her upcoming death. She spoke with her pastor who visited her home. Her goal was to inform him of her last requests. The two discussed things like the scriptures and songs she wanted arranged for her funeral service, for example. Right before the pastor was set to leave her house, she mentioned something else — she wanted to buried holding a fork in her right hand.

Although the request was undeniably unusual, she had a perfectly sensible — and moving — explanation for it. She remembered going to many potluck dinners all throughout her life and hearing people telling her to keep her fork because even better things were on the way for her, perhaps a tasty dessert.

She wanted to be buried with her fork because she was anticipating brighter things in her future — truly a tale of admirable hope. After she explained her thought process, the pastor fully understood — and appreciated — her wish. When she was buried in her casket, she indeed had a fork in her hand.

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