She Adopts A Sick Puppy So That It Can Die With A Family… 3 Years Later And Its Miraculous!

There are plenty of heartwarming adoption stories about dogs on the Internet. Many of these stories involve stray dogs finally finding a home. For example, a lonely dog might be discovered wandering alone in the woods. Eventually, someone finds the dog to give it a forever home. Other stories involve dogs that have been horribly abused. A dog might be discovered to have been tortured, burned, or even trained to viciously fight other dogs for gambling purposes. The dog is later rescued by animal welfare officers, seen on the news by thousands, and given a new and loving home the very next night. There are plenty of ways for this type of story to unfold. However, you can always find something original if you look hard enough. That is exactly the case about the adoption story for an adorable dog named Faith.

The story of Faith is incredible. An extremely touching video explains this unforgettable adoption story. A family was visiting an animal shelter to see what they could do to help the animals. Eventually, the family created a new habit. They would visit the shelter to find the weakest and loneliest dogs. These were the dogs the people at the animal sheltered expected to die in a very short amount of time. After finding a dog in such a situation, the family would take the animal home to surround it with as much love as possible. The family understood the dog was going to die soon. The point of taking the dog home wasn’t to try and save it. For many of the dogs, it was already too late to be saved. The whole purpose was to provide the dog with an opportunity to die surrounded by loving and caring human beings. The idea that any dog would have to die alone in a cage seemed heartless.

The family took three dogs home this way. All three of those dogs were able to pass away peacefully near the love of a family. However, the next dog they brought home was Faith. Everyone expected Faith to die. The dog couldn’t even walk. They took little Faith home, and something extraordinary happened. Faith didn’t die! Instead, the little dog thrived after being surrounded by support and love. Faith does still have some disabilities, but they are minor. Faith lacks teeth due to being malnourished for so long. She also has anxiety about food. For so many months, Faith never knew if she was going to get enough to eat in the shelter. Even though she is with the family, she remains anxious about getting enough to eat.

If you want to know a little more context to make this dog adoption story even more amazing, you should know that it took place in Turkey. In Turkey, animal shelters are swarming with dogs. There are literally thousands of them. The American family wanted to find a way to help. That is why they started bringing home sickly dogs to die surrounded by love. Faith was literally one dog among thousands. It was incredible that the daughter of the family picked Faith out among so many other animals. Now that Faith is better, she will be traveling home to America with the family in a short amount of time. What a terrific ending!

What do you think about this dog adoption story? Does it make you want to start bringing dogs home to die in peace as well? Maybe it makes you want to make a trip to Turkey to help. Maybe you will find your own Faith! Let us know what you think below!

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