Set Chicken Breasts And Brown Sugar In A Crock Pot – A Few Hours Later, It Is Irresistable

You might not think about putting chicken into a crock pot and it getting completely done like it would if it were fried or baked. Try putting a few chicken breasts and brown sugar in a crock pot on high to see what kind of delicious meal that you will have in no time.

The recipe is similar to teriyaki chicken that you might get at a Chinese restaurant. You will need to add a few more ingredients aside from the brown sugar in order to create the sauce, but it’s still a simple recipe to follow. You need about five or six chicken breasts.

Combine half a cup of brown sugar and one cup of soy sauce in a bowl. Pour this over the chicken after the meat has been placed in the crock pot. This is when you can get creative. Add almost any kind of vegetables that you like, such as sliced carrots, baby corn or chopped broccoli.

Mushrooms are another option that pair well with this dish. Let the meat, suce and vegetables cook on high heat for five hours before removing and adding to a bed of rice. You can cook it on low if you are planning a late dinner.

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