Republicans Feeling Defeated – Planned Parenthood Investivation Reveals Videos are Total HOAX

To many of us this will not be much of a surprise – to many others it will come as a great shock and a terrible discovery. But Planned Parenthood is an innocent, good natured-organization and the religious swindlers who allegedly taped them making horrible illegal deals with fetal tissue, and a bunch of cheating frauds. According to the U.S. Representative who launched an investigation into the organization’s finances, Planned Parenthood is totally innocent.

Anti abortion activists finally renounced the charges pertaining to the numerous undercover video recordings of Planned Parenthood, admitting that:

‘… the clips were “heavily edited” to make them to promote a false impression of the healthcare provider’

The videos were a clear violation of the law – knowingly presenting fraudulent evidence as the basis for your allegations is highly illegal. Supporters of Planned Parenthood took to the airwaves in droves, accurately describing the Republican investigation as “vile” and a “witch hunt.”

Some claim that the Republican Party had federally funded the anti-abortion group’s endeavors and is now backpedaling in the wake of this failure. Other charges were directed specifically against Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina who spoke about a totally separate video that showed “a fetus alive and kicking on a table awaiting the harvesting of its brain”… In fact the video to which Fiorina referred to was from a miscarriage and had absolutely nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, testified before Congress to defend the actions of her organization, and she did a fine job – I suppose that’s easy though, when you have nothing to hide. According to the Huffington Post, Richards was repeatedly interrupted by Republicans unwilling to listen to her defense.

The investigation of Planned Parenthood has been renounced a “waste [of] time” and “counterproductive libel” used “to deny women access to reproductive healthcare.” It’s really a shame that this is still such a controversial issue in America. Abortion clinics are not satanic ritual centers, they are here to stay because experience showed us that they made people safer. And on top of that they help couples control their own destiny. AND ON TOP OF THAT they do actually harvest fetal tissue (with mother’s consent) and placenta for stem cell research. Which is really important. So let’s just drop it already…

Check out the video. But don’t be fooled! … Everything you see is an ugly lie generated by hateful deceitful people with nothing to lose because they are overwhelmed with fear.

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