PHOTO: Angry Veteran To Republicans: ‘Don’t You Dare Thank Me For My Military Service’

The Republican Party has shown little sympathy for U.S. soldiers once they arrive back home, even though they bill themselves as Patriots. They have steadily voted against providing medical or financial relief for those that have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq, even though they in fact voted to send troops over there during the Bush administration. Republicans are also showing no support for non-hypothetical POW Medal of Honor recipients. Veterans are facing a Congress that is working hard to give them as little support as possible.

In a recent post on FaceBook, veteran Jim Adams told the Republicans, ‘don’t you dare thank me for my military service’. He goes on to tell them, ‘you no longer have that right’. Mr. Adams tells the Republicans they sent him to war on a lie, and now want to cut his health and food benefits. He reminds them how they are voting against every veteran bill that hits the floor. He tells them he knows they don’t give a f**k about him or any other veteran and is insulted that veterans are part of the ‘47% takers’ they do not want to support.

One of the bills the Republicans voted against, and showed their abandonment of veterans for, was the Senate Veteran Bill. This bill would have expanded medical, educational and other benefits for those who have served our country. Thousands spoke out in support of this bill to honor and take care of those who have taken care of us. It was shot down by Senate Republicans as they could not use the lives of soldiers as a bargaining chip.

PHOTO: Angry Veteran To Republicans: ‘Don’t You Dare Thank Me For My Military Service’

Jim Adams and all other veterans have the right to be fed up with Republicans. Having put their lives in danger to defend a country that can take care of them after they served, but won’t, is an atrocity.

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