Paul Walker’s Daughter Is Sueing After THESE Details Are Revealed From Her Dad’s Death

Paul Walker’s Daughter Is Sueing After THESE Details Are Revealed From Her Dad’s Death

Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that manufactured the car her father died in.

Two years after his accident, “The Fast and Furious” star’s daughter is suing Porsche, stating that the vehicle he was traveling in was unsafe and lacked certain safety features she believes could have saved her father and his friend Roger Rodas.

According to TMZ, copies of the suit state that Walker’s car lacked important safety features that could have stopped the accident from happening, or at the very least allowed him to survive it.

The lawsuit also gives a detailed description of what happened during the accident. It states that when the vehicle crashed and dismantled Walker’s seat belt jerked his torso back with so much force that it broke his torso and pelvis and trapped him in his seat.

The vehicle then burst into flames and Walker died in the fire. The suit indicates that the car went up in flames exactly one minute and 20 seconds after the accident initially occurred. Prior to the fire, Walker was still alive, but since his seat belt had trapped him, he was unable to escape the flames.

The suit also claims that the Porsche Carrera GT, the exact model Walker was traveling in, has a history of safety issues. Apparently, Porsche did not install an appropriate control system that could have prevented the vehicle from swerving before it crashed.

Additionally, even though police reported that Walker and Rodas were traveling at 80 to 93 miles per hour prior to crashing, Walker’s daughter’s lawyer, Jeff Milam, claims that the vehicle may have only been traveling at 63 to 71 miles per hour.

Milam believes that, overall, the specific Porsche model that Walker was a passenger in is unsafe and shouldn’t be on the streets.

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