Pastor Brought Home A Stranger’s Baby – Then His Wife Looked Down And Saw The Unthinkable…

Krystal Stewart was six weeks post-op from a total hysterectomy. She recalls saying to her husband, Ronnie, a pastor, “Well, no more kids for us.” She was a bit disappointed that the chance for more children was halted, but since the family already had three children, she figured that would have to be enough.

Little did she know what God had in store. She would meet two brothers she would come to love as her own.

Pastor Ronnie and his wife saw the two children, one seven months old, the other two years old, sitting under a church awning. The parents refused to go to a shelter, but Ronnie and Krystal knew rain was imminent. At Krystal’s suggestion, Ronnie went to ask the parents if they would mind if they took the babies home for a warm bath and bed for the night. The parents agreed.

At her home, Krystal saw the children were covered in insect bites. The skin on their feet was falling off. Still, she and Ronnie returned the boys to their parents.

The next day, the children’s mother and father, along with a social worker, approached the pastor and his wife, asking whether they might serve as a foster family for the boys, in an effort to avoid the foster system. Over the next five months, the boys came to be part of the family. Now, they are on their way to finalizing adoption. What a happy ending for the brothers, and the entire Stewart family!

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