Obama Take Over as Host of The Colbert Report… It’s Hilarious!

Lately the new affordable health care act has been getting a lot of heat in the media. It has been torn to shreds not only by the liberal media, but by the conservative media as well. There are more and more individuals who feel like this is just another way for the government to control their lives.

The main issue in the media has been the horrible way in which signing up for this health care is just a very big hassle. The perception of this affordable health care act is something that must change.

Obama has been having a very hard time reaching the younger demographic about the issue of this affordable health care act. Obama understood that he needed to do something that would really reach the younger generation. What he decided to do was great. Not only did he decide to go onto the Colbert Report to address this issue, he ended up hijacking the show. He said that Steven Colbert had been taking a lot of shots at Obama’s job lately, so now Obama was going to try and do what Steven Colbert did.

He took over a segment of the show, and the audience went wild. Obama actually ended up doing a pretty good job when it came to reading the news. He wasn’t as funny as Steve Colbert, but it was very hilarious that the president was reading jokes that were about himself. It was amazing to see Obama take such a fun approach to spreading the word about the Affordable Health Care Act.

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