Obama Asks Boehner To Help Prepare Him For Post-Presidency Life In This Hilarious Skit

Although they were once considered sworn enemies, it would now appear that President Barack Obama and former Speaker of the House John Boehner have reconciled—at least for entertainment’s sake.

At the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Obama first mused about how strange life would be after he left the White House. After all, the fact that his youngest daughter Sasha would be finishing up her last two years of school would mean that the Obama family needs to stick around in D.C. for the duration of her schooling.

Since this is virtually unheard of—a U.S. president staying in town after leaving office—it’s definitely a humorous scenario. In the skit, as Obama attempts to adjust to life after the presidency, he is counseled by Vice President Joe Biden, who repeatedly asks for advice on which sunglasses he should wear. Obama then realizes that he will need to get a driver’s license again, which is a whole new challenge. No one at the DMV seems to know or care who he is.

Enter John Boehner, who joins Obama at the movies. Boehner immediately launches into a tirade about how Obama should run his new life, lecturing him on not sending multiple LinkedIn requests. Boehner advises Obama to just be himself, and to even have a beer in the morning if the mood strikes him.

In a particularly naughty part, Boehner even tempts the alleged ex-smoker with a cigarette. The skit even pokes fun at the president’s penchant for golf. All in all, it seems as if Obama has a great attitude about leaving the Oval Office, even if it will be a bit strange at first.

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