NAACP Occupied The Office Of Trump’s Attorney General Pick

NAACP Occupied The Office Of Trump’s Attorney General Pick

To say that Jeff Sessions has been an unpopular pick for Attorney General is to vastly understate the opinions of most Americans. An Alabama Republican, Sessions was quick to become one of Donald Trump’s most loyal followers. However, it wasn’t long before many people started calling foul in response to their close relationship. After all, Sessions has never had the best record when it comes to defending the rights or tolerating those who are from different backgrounds. in fact, his checkered past has come back to haunt him several times.

Whenever immigration legislation pops up, whether it’s illegal or even legal, Sessions will oppose it. He’s extremely aggressive whenever it comes to going after immigrants, or even those who employ immigrants. However, his most egregious issues stem from reports about his behavior. According to old colleagues, Sessions would consistently use “the n word”, in addition to making cruel jokes about the KKK being an “okay” organization. These comments—and others—were not just rumors. People testified about them under oath, and for a long time, it seemed as though Sessions’ career as a politician would be halted as a result.

Somehow, though, he managed to slip through the cracks and continue. Everything was business as usual until the nascent Trump campaign came along, and Sessions was there to help propel the momentum the entire way. Most likely, this type of loyalty is what prompted Trump to offer Sessions a top position in his administration.

However, now that Jeff Session is being considered for Attorney General, a new spotlight is being placed on all of his actions—and Americans are not happy. If they found the remarks he made disgraceful 30 years ago, they now believe that such comments are repugnant. Several groups have made their displeasure with the possible appointment very well-known, with the NAACP leading the charge. The CEO himself, Cornell Brooks, brought along some co-workers in order to occupy Session’s Mobile office until one of two things happened—Jeff Sessions quit his bid for AG or Brooks was arrested.

During this well-organized protest, the NAACP issued a statement in regards to Sessions’ record on voter suppression, as well as his prosecution of civil rights leaders. Right on the NAACP’s Facebook page, the group live-streamed their protest—and the beginning of their subsequent arrests. After the eventful day, Brooks was able to speak with news organizations who wanted to find out more about his side of the story. He mentioned Sessions’ abominable record, as well as his enthusiasm for shutting down DMVs in black neighborhoods.

Although it was a peaceful protest, there is no doubt that Brooks and his partners were making their voices heard. Furthermore, Brooks indicated that the NAACP is willing to fight similar issues in the future, stating that the group is now prepared to employ social media and other modern tools in order to spread their message. Although many Americans had been distracted by other issues involving the forthcoming Trump administration, this protest put the focus back on the impending appointment of Sessions, who is widely considered to be one of the most controversial AG picks of all time.

However, the power of being American means that free speech exists. With that in mind, those who feel the same way as these NAACP members can always call Jeff Sessions’ Birmingham office to make their voices heard. The number is (205) 731-1500.

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