Mom Snaps Heartwarming Photo Of Enterprise Employee Holding Her Baby – Here’s Why She Did It

Mom Snaps Heartwarming Photo Of Enterprise Employee Holding Her Baby – Here’s Why She Did It

Sometimes customer service isn’t very customer friendly. The internet is full of customer service horror stories, both from disgruntled employees and cantankerous customers’ points of view. Among all of these negative stories, accounts of positive, uplifting interactions are a beacon in the darkness and mire of some of the unpleasant necessities of life. One mother from Oklahoma had one such positive interaction, and decided to share it on Facebook. Her heartwarming story has since gone viral.

Coty Vincent is a mother of twin baby boys who was having a trying day. She had just been the victim of a hit and run crash, and was left with two babies to transport and no vehicle with which to do so until she could get through the quagmire of insurance issues. As she stood in line at Enterprise waiting to obtain a temporary vehicle, she was exasperated, with a baby on each hip. Little did she know that luck was finally about to be on her side.

Vincent’s Enterprise representative, a young man named John, was a twin himself. Seeing this young mother struggling through her day with a child on each hip reminded him of the difficulties he’d seen his own mother go through, and his natural inclination was to help. He simply scooped up one of the boys from Vincent and went along processing her rental, lightening her load and providing much needed relief to a tired mother who had gone through so much already that day.

Vincent was so moved by John’s small act of kindness and its large impact on her otherwise dreadful day that she snapped a picture of him with her son and took to social media to praise him:

“This is John and he works at Enterprise. He’s also a twin and his sister is his best friend. While he helped me with my rental due to a hit and run accident, he held one of my twin sons as I don’t have a double stroller. One of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever met. We need more people like John who go the extra step. Be a John. #BeAJohn”

The post went viral, and Enterprise took notice. Not only have they bought Vincent a double stroller to transport her boys with ease, they also have a special surprise planned for John to honor his extraordinary customer service that went above and beyond the assistance that was called for. Vincent included this new information on social media as well:

“Update 7/15/16: I just received a call from the Enterprise Branch Manager, Marlyn Jones and he was excited to hear about this going viral. He said this kind selfless act has gone to the Corporate level and magic is in the making! Lets hope John gets the recognition he deserves!

***Molly Boland and Greg from Corporate Headquarters have called me as well and and have a surprise in the works!****

Enterprise has purchased me a double stroller and has a surprise for John too!”

Hopefully John’s surprise is just as good as his help was to this grateful mother.

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