Military Dog Torn Away From Her Beloved Sergeant – 2 Years Later, She Hears Him Call Her Name

Military Dog Torn Away From Her Beloved Sergeant – 2 Years Later, She Hears Him Call Her Name

Dog’s may often be called “man’s best friend,” but some dogs are bred to be more than just companions. Military dogs have a very important role in combat situations because they help soldiers to detect roadside bombs that could kill many. However, these highly trained dogs are typically not supposed to be treated as pets. This means that if their beloved partners leave the military, the dog is left behind.

K9 Cila, a beautiful chocolate lab, and her partner, Sergeant Jason Bos, worked together for over five years. During this time, Cila and Sergeant Bos were inseparable. They went on roughly 100 missions that included basic bomb detection and more intense secret service missions. Though Sergeant Bos adored Cila, she was treated as his partner instead of his pet.

When Sergeant Bos had to leave Iraq due to a back injury, he could not take Cila. He was heartbroken to leave the dog that had been his best friend for five years behind, but Cila was an important part of the military. Her training could not be wasted just so Sergeant Bos could keep his friend, so Cila had to stay behind in Iraq. When he left, Sergeant Bos was not sure if he would ever even get to Cila again.

For two years, the Sergeant lived a civilian life in the United States, but he could not stop thinking about Cila. One day, he got the news that Cila was about to retire. She had actually managed to survive through the war, and now she was too old to work anymore. Sergeant Bos got into contact with Mission K9 Rescue and the American Humane Association. They worked together to ensure that he could be the one to take care of Cila in her senior years.

Cila was flown from Germany to the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to reunite with Sergeant Bos. The heartwarming reunion was caught on video. You can see Cila walking down the hallway with a handler, and her military training is evident in how calm and well behaved she is in the busy airport. She still cannot see Sergeant Bos around the corner, but when he calls, “Cici!” you can see everything change.

Cila’s ears perk up, and she starts pulling at the leash to get to her old partner. Her wagging tail shows that she is clearly overjoyed, and she starts playing with Sergeant Bos like she is still a puppy. She jumps up and down, happily yipping and licking her favorite human. Though she is much older than the last time Sergeant Bos saw her, she still retains some of her youthful energy.

The two old partners now live together happily in Michigan. Sergeant Bos is still working for the military to help post-deployment veterans adjust to civilian life. However, he says Cila’s days of working with the military are over. After years of doing her duty, now she just gets to relax and be a pet again. Sergeant Bos says the best part about getting his old partner back is now being able to take her wherever he wants instead of just taking her on military missions. He says they love getting to go on walks together.

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