Meryl Streep Uses Entire Golden Globe Speech To Shred Trump – Absoloutly Glorious

In a world where we need more influential women of all types speaking against discrimination, one woman has made quite an impact. Meryl Streep, a world-class actor, took the time she could have been taking to brag about her accomplishments to raise awareness to the mess that is soon becoming our nation.

It is no big secret that Donald Trump has made a name for himself in his architectural ventures and laughable television reality show, The Apprentice, but no one could see it coming when he announced his intent to run for presidency. Did anyone truly think he would win? At first, Americans all scoffed and brushed it off as a ratings ploy, but when Trump started implementing fear in the minds of Americans and promising to fix it all, he stole the presidency. Many were shouting in celebration, while others focused on the sickening feeling in the pit of their stomachs. No one can deny, however, his insane antics to win the election.

The one ridiculous action of President-elect Donald Trump that Meryl streep decided to focus on was his obvious mocking of a special needs reporter. Put aside for a moment his foolish comments of wanting to have sex with his daughter or how he objectifies women, or even how he outright lies then denies a moment later. Forget about his support team who are incapable of answering a direct question but instead find a way to bash our now President. Focus only on the fact that Trump openly mocked with hand gestures, a goofy face and exaggerated voice a legitimate and successful reporter. This reporter, no doubt, has had to overcome plenty of obstacles, some possibly even resembling what Trump showed us all, but he still became successful DESPITE the ridicule. Imagine how discouraging it must feel to be mocked by a man who could potentially in that moment become President of the United States.

There is a terrifying battle going on in America now between raising awareness for people who are different and those who want to hold them down and continue the mockery and discrimination. When someone with so much voice speaks up against the discrimination and the utterly disgusting mockery of someone who is different, it is something to be celebrated indeed. Meryl Streep changed lives by her speech at the Golden Globes. She was not concerned with the trophy, but instead she was grateful, humbled and well-spoken on an issue that seems to be dear to her heart.

She made us all see (whether you voted for Trump or not) how shameful it is for a person in power to mock a person with disabilities then encourage a crowd of laughter like a toddler who cannot stop saying the bad word because it gets a laugh. She explained how she had “lost” her mind earlier this year as Hollywood, foreigners, and the press have been villainized because of this man of power. She continues by pointing out the other talented actors and their foreign backgrounds then stated, “Hollywood is crawling with foreigners, and if you kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts”. Her words were met with a flood of applause.

Streep expresses how Trump’s imitation of a disabled reporter broke her heart. She stressed how people in the public eye are an example to everyone else and should be a positive one. “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

Meryl Streep set the tone for powerful men and women of all positions to speak up for those who are not in a position to speak for themselves.

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