Man Performs Exorcism On Ted Cruz: “You’re Possessed By A Demon!”…

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas has been a controversial figure in politics for many years. His current attempt to become the Republican presidential nominee has not done anything to help the controversy. Cruz is disliked by a majority of the people holding elected office. This includes other Republican senators and representatives. People from Cruz’s past such as ex-roommates and former college dorm friends have come out claiming that he is completely unlikeable. Cruz has tried to single-handedly undermine his own party when it comes to bills in the Senate. He even attempted a filibuster that upset Republican leadership. This is why it is no surprise that some average citizens have very strong feelings about Cruz and his campaign.

One of the things that Ted Cruz uses to define himself is religion. He likes to talk about God and Christianity in his stump speeches. He has a very narrow belief about how the United States should be run. He believes that the Christian Bible should be used to create laws and govern on a day-to-day basis. He has gone so far as to say that the Bible and Christianity were the foundations for the formation of the country despite historical documents and writings from the Founding Fathers that state otherwise. This belief that America should be a theocracy has upset some voters who want a secular nation with religious freedom.

Something happened at a campaign event recently in New Hampshire that had to do with religion. Ted Cruz was giving a speech to a small audience in the town of Raymond, New Hampshire. Things were going normally as Cruz moved through his stump speech. He was interrupted about halfway through the speech by two men who approached the door to the room. One man was brandishing a white cross. He held it up high and pushed it through the door so that Cruz could see it. A second man was holding a large mirror. Security guards stopped the two men from actually entering the room where Cruz was speaking.

The man with the cross began to yell out that Ted Cruz was possessed by a demon. He called out for the demon to leave Cruz’s body. He waved the cross around yelling that a foul and evil spirit was inside of the Republican presidential hopeful. Guards pushed the man back. The second protestor came forward and held up the large mirror. He begged Cruz to look into the mirror and confront the evil inside himself. The two men were attempting to perform an exorcism on Cruz.

Cruz just smiled and started making quips about the men. He first said that “lefties don’t usually believe in God” as he watched security push the men away. He then went on to claim that the two men were actually from the Bernie Sanders campaign. This was a baseless claim made without any proof or information. The crowd was firmly with Cruz. The crowd laughed and cheered along with him.

The two men were later interviewed about the incident. The men were very serious about their beliefs. They believe that a demon occupied the body of Ted Cruz. The men say that this is why Cruz has such a disturbing and strange appearance. They were hoping to drive the demon out. The mirror was intended to force the demon inside Cruz to confront itself and possibly leave the body. Cruz has strong religious beliefs. His religion does include a belief in demons and possession. The protestors did not face any official police charges and were free to go after being escorted out of the building. Cruz came in first in the Iowa caucuses. He is thought to be the only real rival to Donald Trump.

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