Lonely Puppy Waits At Pet Store Overnight But What Do Cameras Catch The Kitten Doing?

In Taiwan on the Island of Formosa, the events that happened in a humble pet store were as beautiful as the island itself as named by the Portuguese. At JoLinn Pet House, a cuddly gray-and-white kitten scaled the plastic of its enclosure to visit the neighboring puppy, which was lonely.

As the kitten descended the plastic on the other side, the overjoyed little pooch planted big, fat doggy kiss after big, fat doggy kiss on the kitten’s nose. After the two were on the floor of the puppy’s cage, they began to frolic and then cuddle together. So heartwarming was this tale of mutual support that it immediately went viral after being posted online by the pet shop’s owner.

In Taiwan and around the world, hundreds of thousands of homeless or unwanted puppies, kittens, and baby and adult animals of all kinds are longing for their forever homes. Those people in the world who have adopted such animals almost always enjoy years of unconditional love and gratitude.

In the United States, for example, there are as many as 70 million stray cats and dogs. Because of the size of this multitude, pet shops are moving toward adopting out animals from shelters rather than selling them on behalf of commercial breeders. In fact, many states have banned the sale of commercially bred animals at pet stores.

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