It Looks Like An Old And Broken Down Wooden House, But What’s On The Inside? YAY!

If you have ever wanted to see a cottage that was right out of a fairy tale, you should see this wooden cottage that is located in Prickly Nut Wood, in West Sussex, United Kingdom. From the outside, it looks incredibly charming and lovely. However, it is even more beautiful on the inside. Ben Law is the man who built the house, and he enjoys constructing buildings using sustainable materials that he finds in the surroundings. In this case, he constructed a cottage out of wood. He talks about the cottage in this video, and he is with his wife and adorable newborn son in the house.

The interior of this beautiful wooden cottage is absolutely amazing. Almost anyone would agree that it is beautiful. It is bright and airy, and anyone would love to live in this place. It will certainly be a great home for Ben and his family, and anyone who visits will enjoy their time there as well.

The cottage is not only a beautiful house, but it is a home as well. It is beautifully furnished, which is largely to be credited to Ben’s wife, Beth. The family lives in this wooden cottage and keeps sheep on the premises, which is actually a large part of how Ben and Beth got together in the beginning. They were both interested in sharing sheep.

This family is very lucky to be able to live in a beautiful home such as this one. It is a wonderful environment.

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