Inside The Big and Totally Gay Dance Party At Mike Pence’s House Last Night

Make no mistake about it; there has been no love lost between the gay community and newly installed Vice President Mike Pence. And two nights before the inauguration of Donald Trump, LGBTQ protestors made sure that the problem arrived at Pence’s front door—literally.

As the governor of Indiana, Pence became famous for supporting a slew of anti-gay legislation pieces. And during his recent campaign for the second most powerful job in the country, Pence stood by his previous stances when it came to gay rights. These positions did not make him popular with the gay community, to say the very least.

Led by organizers from WERK for Peace and Disrupt J20, the peaceful protest proceeded to Mike Pence’s new neighborhood. Dancers wore colorful masks, clothing and jewelry as they began to boogie right in front of the Vice President’s home.

Their social media posts encouraged “Daddy Pence” to come out of his house and party with them, but unfortunately they were not successful in this particular effort. As they blasted Beyonce tunes, rocked rainbow suspenders and celebrated life, the dance crew seemed absolutely euphoric.

For about an hour or so, the dancers caught up with Pence’s neighbors and used their moves to become social media darlings. Although Pence was reportedly out to dinner with his wife, it seems like a pretty fair assumption that these dancers truly hit their mark.

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