Influential Republican Turns On Trump, Demanding To See The Mysterious Tax Returns

Influential Republican Turns On Trump, Demanding To See The Mysterious Tax Returns

Donald Trump, the Republican contender for President of the United States, has been called upon to produce his tax returns by Mark Sanford, formerly the governor of South Carolina and State Representative. Sanford has been a dedicated supporter of Trump and has announced that he will rethink his voting choices if Trump does not release his tax returns. Sanford has conveyed that the lack of transparency by Trump affects the future of America’s politics.

Sanford views this lack of producing his tax returns as cowardly and cites the ramifications of such secrecy. Giving the example of his own release of tax returns, Sanford compared it to a colonoscopy. He stated that he did not favor it, but it has been a tradition in his state of South Carolina. As a governor, one is expected to disclose tax returns and Sanford stated that it should be the same for any presidential nominee.

Trump had promised in May that his tax returns would be released if he decided to run for the presidential office. He claimed that he would love to do just that. He historically accused Mitt Romney for not producing his returns as soon as he should have in the 2012 race. This turnabout has been considered hypocritical. Trump stated that Romney’s returns should have been disclosed, ideally, by April 1.

Trumps refusal appears to be motivated by accusations that the demand for his tax returns is an attempt by his opponents to undermine his efforts toward the presidential office. The running point of view about this issue is that not having these returns affects the evaluation of Trump and his leadership. This holds true for any candidates running for office. This is not something this country can risk. Presidents, as well as other elected persons, need to be accountable for all their actions. This is the right of voters.

Supporters of Trump are also finding that they cannot allow him a blank check in the political realm. By keeping secret about his finances of a personal nature, Trump stands to tarnish his reputation as a successful businessman. This comes from casting a dark shadow of his campaign from not disclosing this vital information. Speculation becomes evident when somebody tries to hide the information that supports their greatest strength.

Concerns about hiding money, loopholes, exploitation and questionable connections with foreign leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Russian President, have come forward. Trump’s supporters are questioning the legitimacy of Trump as he continues to fail to produce his financial returns, something that has not come about since the days before Nixon.

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