In The Middle Of His Nap He Wakes Up And Notices His New Toy. His Reaction? LOL TOO FUNNY

Timo is a Ragdoll cat who has fun playing with many toys, such as stuffed animals and a hammock. But recently, his owners gave him a nice surprise: a feline mobile.

The toy looks and works like a mobile that would be put in a baby’s crib, but this version is made specifically to cater to the needs of cats. It has a motor that makes it spin and plays music too. While mobiles for babies are made to soothe them, the cat mobile is designed to keep the cat entertained and gives him something to play with. It includes five mice that are stuffed with catnip.

The mobile was installed while Timo was sleeping. When the at woke up and saw the new toy above his head, he was a bit cautious at first, probably trying to figure out what this new contraption was for. But he quickly started playing with it, swatting the stuffed mice with his paws and watching them go around. Eventually, he catches one and starts nibbling and licking it.

Any cat owner will tell you that buying their pet a new toy that moves around on its own will keep the animal entertained for hours on end. There is no doubt that Timo loves his new toy and will stay amused by it for along time. A video of the cat playing with the mobile was posted online and shared on social media. You can check it out for yourself!

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