If You Only See One Final Tribute For Obama, We Have the One For You. I’m Crying

While this presidential election cycle has produced some of the most jarringly memorable moments from the political spectrum in recent memory, there is one aspect of the situation that many people seem to be ignoring. It may be that so many people are in denial that soon one of the two horrifying presidential candidates will take the mantle from the current president, Barack Obama. That is a reality that isn’t very appealing to the majority of Americans, including a vast number of people who once thought of Obama as the most horrible president in the history of the United States.

Obama is undoubtedly one of the most popular presidents to ever grace the oval office with his presence. The country might be excited to elect the first woman president with Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t change the bittersweet reality that Obama will no longer be leading the nation. The nation will grieve the loss of his measured leadership without even realizing it.

Barack Obama has famously been above the curve when it comes to his political dealings. There weren’t many calls for embarrassment from the Obama presidency, and while most presidents screw up royally at least once, much to the pleasure of at least half the country, Obama’s leadership seemed to be different. He is calm, cool, intellectual, and wise. He wasn’t just a revolutionary president for his race, but for his approach to the presidency. He started something new in the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere.

Now that the end of Obama’s second term is coming to a close, his approval rating is one of the highest that any president has ever had when exiting the office. He is currently enjoying a record 55 percent approval throughout the United States. His appeal is almost universal in its scope, yet he seems to speak directly to each and every member of our great nation.

Obama’s family is also a source of inspiration for the United States. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, is one of the most sophisticated ladies that has ever lived in the White House, and the way Obama loves and cares for his daughters is something everyone hopes to emulate. While in the oval office, Obama accomplished much more than many people realize, and his political career extends long before he ascended to the presidency.

The president’s sense of humor is also a huge selling point for many Americans. He is an easy-going individual, and his down-to-earth nature makes him both easy to talk to and impossible to ignore. Something about his rhetoric is simply soothing to the very core of humanity. Not only that, but he is one of the most emotionally and intellectually mature people in the world. He sees reality as it is, and not as it should be. He’s not afraid to be honest, but he knows how to lead and not merely enforce.

One of Obama’s most notable accomplishments involves the incredible work that he has done to revive the United States economy. He is directly responsible for the productivity and progress that has made so many lives significantly better. He’s been called a ‘lame duck’ president by those who disagree with is policies, but he has accomplished some amazing things while being labeled with such an inappropriate nickname.

A tribute video for Barack Obama has been circulating the internet for some time now, and it is sure to bring home the fact that our president will be leaving us very soon. While it was fun while it lasted, the hope spreading through the land is that the next eight years will be just as fruitful for the entirety of the United States.

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