I Should Have Known This. But I’ve Never Seen Socks Folded THIS Way. Pure Brilliance!

Let’s be honest for a moment, ladies and gentlemen. Most of us own lots of pairs of socks. Some pairs might stand alone, meaning we can’t locate the matching pair and so forth. What if we told you, we’ve stumbled across an incredible smart, new method to fold socks and line them up neatly and organized into the drawer?

It’s true. Stay tuned, because this ain’t your mama’s or grandma’s way to gather socks together. This method is genius and heck, we are not sure who invented it, but we’ve all been doing it the wrong way for centuries, perhaps.

The woman in the demonstration video can neatly fold a pair of socks in less than 12 seconds, and no, we’re not talking about the simple, roll-up ball method. Instead, she takes one sock and lays it vertically on a table, and then lays the second sock across it in the shape of a cross. Next, she folds each fourth into place over each other, like creating a little square package. Then she neatly tucks in the last sock piece into a little pouch.

You’ve got to watch this to really understand and get the gist of this sock folding, genius method. Your friends will be blown away, although a few lazy critics might stick to the old-fashioned, roll-up ball sock method.

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