I Love “Hotel California”, But THIS A Capella Version Takes The Classic To a Whole New Level!

The stars of Pitch Perfect have nothing on the Johnny-come-lately group to the acapella music scene. Certain songs that have contributed to the fame of acapella performers in the past, but most never imagined that a classic rock tune by The Eagles could ever sound so smooth without any instruments!

The video was taken at a live concert by Cubanos Acapella sometime in late 2014, as the group performed the smash hit song “Hotel California.” The thick accent of the single vocalist throughout the number is a pleasant complement to the Latin rhythm, beats, and guitar sounds provided by the group’s other five members.

“Hotel California” is known universally for the guitar solo that begins approximately four minutes into the song. The members of Cubanos Acapella genuinely seem to enjoy getting into their roles for this performance and many of them “air play” the instrument of the sound that they are imitating.

Most people are accustomed to hearing this 70s rock anthem and party staple accompanied by numerous guitars, several different drums, and Don Henley’s gravelly voice. Cubanos Acapella’s light and airy rendition of this song command audience attention and sent shivers up the spines of some listeners! Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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