I Didn’t Know What To Expect When She Poured Coke All Over Her Chicken. But The Taste? So Good!

Chicken wings are a classic staple of homegrown American foods. The classic styles like teriyaki, buffalo and BBQ are known and loved by everyone. But, of course, these aren’t the only flavors of chicken wings that can be created. There are dozens of other ways to diversify your wing addiction.

If you’ve got a knack for cooking then you can even create your own recipes to give the wings a more unique flavor. If you’ve ever thought of creating your own tasty wing style, there is a new recipe that is now gaining popularity and making the rounds all throughout social media. It involves a rather unusual ingredient that can turn even the most bland chicken wings into something really spectacular.

All you need are chicken wings, soy sauce and Coca-Cola. Though the last ingredient might make the whole recipe seem strange, it supposedly gives the chicken wings a “unique” flavor. Coca-Cola is primarily consumed as a drink, but it can also be used to add flavor when cooking different recipes, in the same manner than wine or some fruit juices do. Start by marinating the wings in soy sauce for around 15 minutes. Then, put the wings in a pan and begin frying them on the stove, cooking each side for around 5 minutes before more soy sauce is added to them. A minute later, add a cup of Coca-Cola (if you’re feeling bold) to the simmering chicken and then cook the whole thing for 15 more minutes. Once this is done, you will have wings that are supposed to have a unique salty and sweet flavor.

After seeing the video and recipe being shared online, many people have decided to try this rather unique recipe and have loved the flavor that it gives to chicken wings. If you want to try something new with your cooking, then you should definitely try out this chicken wing recipe.

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