Here’s A Major Issue With The Voting Booths That Should Make Major Headlines But Isn’t…

A Reddit post claimed on Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s camp broke Pennsylvania electioneering laws by distributing campaign advertisements inside a polling location. The material was displayed inside the North Temple Baptist Church in Philadelphia, and was recorded on video by a voter. Requests to remove the material were ignored.

A Connecticut voter reported that upon arriving at the polling station, his father’s registered party had been switched to “unaffiliated” from Democrat. Since Connecticut’s primary is closed, voters must be either Democrats or Republicans to vote. Similar incidents had also been reported in New York and Arizona during earlier primaries.

Rhode Island struggled with providing places to vote as nearly two thirds of its polling locations had been mysteriously closed by the state seven days ago. Some voters claimed they had to drive around for hours, and many others were very confused. As an example, the city of North Providence opened only three of 17 polling locations, leaving voters unsure of what to do.

Whether these incidents favor a particular candidate is unclear, but it has made voters more concerned about fraud. Some have even gone so far to say that some of the races would have been closer or had a different outcome if everyone eligible had been allowed to vote.

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