Here is What Food Stamp Recipients Are Really Spending Their Funds On

Here is What Food Stamp Recipients Are Really Spending Their Funds On

Most of the people who receive food stamps spend the benefits that they receive on food for the family, especially the children in the home. There are a few people who receive these benefits that spend what they are allotted each month on things other than food.

Some who don’t receive food stamps at all have an inclination to believe that the people who get these benefits get luxury foods that those who work a 40-hour week aren’t able to afford. The United States Department of Agriculture has offered a look into what food stamp recipients really spend their money on each month.

The study is based on 127 million transactions that took place in 2011. Most of the transactions were for the essentials that are needed to prepare meals, such as meats and vegetables. Many transactions also included sweetened drinks and frozen meals, both cheaper than getting bottled water or paying a water bill or getting fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat is at the top of the list of items that people purchased.

Sweetened drinks are second on the list. Snack foods come in last with a variety of things making up the rest of the transactions, such as fruits, cheese and bread. When you compare that list and the list of those who don’t receive food stamps, it’s almost the same except that there are a few things in a different order. This list is showing that eating healthy is more expensive than getting processed foods.

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