He Whips Out His Camera, What He Captures The Garbage Man Doing THIS With His Dog…

Kindness may be more common than we think. Joshua has a dog who has one persistent weekly habit, and that’s waiting for the trash man to get to her house.

As soon as he walks out of his truck and sets foot on the lawn, Joshua says “OK” to her and she immediately races toward the garbage man, who seems to be her best buddy. When the friendly canine gets to the garbage man, her reaction of happiness is absolutely priceless. She massages against the trash man, begs for attention and revels in his petting.

Watching this video clip of sweetness set up by the dog’s owner proves one thing, and that’s that there are more kind people out there than we may believe. Although the trash man undoubtedly has a packed schedule with his job, he still took the time to give this adorable dog a little attention and happiness. It appears, however, that the trash man appreciates his interactions with the four-legged cutie just as much as she does.

Once the trash man is finally through his attention session with the giddy dog, he then walks up to Joshua to say hi. As he stands around to have a brief chat with Joshua, the eager pooch goes right back up to him to get a little more attention. The patient trash man pets the cutie again before continuing to talk to Joshua. This clip makes it very clear that a little kindness in this world can go a very long way.

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