He Takes A Pot Of Boiling Water And Starts Splashing His Car. The Result? Who Knew!

Nothing is more frustrating than having your car dented and having to drive around flaunting your new aesthetic blemish. Placing a pot of boiling water near a bumper might not intuitively seem like ta good solution for this problem, but one man proves that it can make a significant difference. Dents are expensive to have removed professionally, so save yourself a TON of money and just DIY.

While at the body shop they may make the process look very complicated, useing fancy plungers and tools you’ve never seen or heard of to remove your dent. But really, the only thing you need to fix the car is boiling water.

Slip into some protective gloves and fill a pail or a pot with boiling water. Pour the hot water on the dented. While the water pouring over the dent, reach under to the opposite side and push it  where it’s the abnormal shape. And the indented area will usually pop right back out! You might not be able to get it perfect, but it will at least look like a normal part of the car again instead of a big dimple in your car.

This technique works best on bumpers as it’s easier to reach under the dent and push the area with your hands, but it should work just about anywhere you can get a hand on both sides of the dented area. So next time your frustrated with a new fender bender, go ahead and try this simple hack and solve your own problem.

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