He Slices Straight Through A Line Of Crayons – Watch As He Pulls Away The Knife…

He Slices Straight Through A Line Of Crayons – Watch As He Pulls Away The Knife…

Something that can be difficult is coming up with new and unique ways to decorate your home. Many of the premade decorations that you can get at local stores all have the same vague and generalized appearance. It is hard to find something that really relates to your life and personality. This can leave your home looking drab and lifeless.

A solution to the problem is to start creating do-it-yourself decorations. These are projects that allow you to inject your own personality into an item that will be displayed somewhere in your home. A do-it-yourself decoration will be distinctive and reflective of the style that you want.

One person on YouTube has managed to come up with a do-it-yourself project that requires very little effort and produces something colorful everyone will love. The project is to make three-dimensional monogram letters that can be used for a variety of purposes around the home. You can make just one letter for your name, a sequence of letters for your initials or entire words. The final results are colorful, bold and something that you just will not see in any other home. It takes just minutes to make one of these monogram decorations.

The first thing you will need is some type of base for the decoration. This has to be a piece of cardboard, art board or craft board. The base that you choose has to be very strong. It could potentially need to support one to two pounds of weight without warping or bending. You need to cut out the shape of the letter that you want from the board. You want a letter that stands around 10 to 12 inches high when you are done. Premade letters on board are available at some craft stores. If you are making one yourself, then the easiest method is to choose a font on computer, print out the letter and trace it onto the board. You can then cut it with a craft or utility knife.

The next thing you will need is a selection of crayons that are new or in very good shape. The crayons are what you will be seeing when the decoration is finished. Get a good assortment of colors. You want to have some color variety in your piece. Think about creating gradients of colors by lining up the crayons in an order where the color shifts slowly from one to another. You want enough crayons so that you can stack them down the length of the letter base completely from top to bottom.

Take a hot glue gun and put a bead of adhesive running from left to right across the top of the board or the back of your topmost crayon. Lay the crayon down and allow it to dry. The crayon should be aligned horizontally when the letter is standing upright. Repeat the process with the next crayon down. Do not worry about the edges of the letter at this point. Just cover all of the board leaving some of the ends of the crayons hanging off one side. Glue the crayons all the way down the letter.

Turn the letter over after the glue has dried. Run a craft or utility knife along the edges of the letter. You want to carefully cut away any of the crayons that are hanging over the side. The monogram letter decoration is now complete. You can place this decoration on a shelf, hang it on a wall or use it as a bookend. You can create entire sequences of letters to brighten up any room. You could even experiment with different sizes of crayons to get various effects.

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