He Looks Like he Might Not Be That Good At Guitar. But What This 10 Year Old Is Able To Do? WOW!

Toby Lee in tiger pajamas and a guitar on his lap might not look like he can rock. The video starts in pure silence as he reaches onto the tablet on the table and starts an audio track with a metronome. After a second or two, he starts to play and it’s clear is appearance is quite deceiving.

The B.B. King song he chose sounded like it was from the great musician himself. Although there are a few missed notes and unusual tempo off beats here and there, it’s clear that the boy has some talent.

While he’s only ten, he plays better than most adults do. It’s unclear whether it’s raw talent or learned over the course of his short life. Either way, he definitely has a gift.

When the video was taken, King was in the hospital but he died a month after the video was posted. It’s clear to see that B.B. King’s freestyle playing and smooth guitar style are still influencing people, including Toby Lee. King will be missed by fans and musicians alike, but his music and impact will live on through the talent of Lee and others that were inspired by his music and performances.

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