He Finds A Dog With 46 Pound Tumor Left Out To Die, When He Looks Into His Eyes? He Knows…

He Finds A Dog With 46 Pound Tumor Left Out To Die, When He Looks Into His Eyes? He Knows…

When people take on the responsibility of owning a pet, the animal should expect it to be their forever home. Often times, owners are not prepared for the time and financial costs associated with having a pet for years and years. That may be the case with Henry, an 8-year-old Golden Retriever found abandoned on one California beach.

Rescuers stumbled upon the beautiful dog they would name Henry, one afternoon. Henry had a 46 pound tumor attached to his side that had clearly been growing for some time. The tumor made it difficult for Henry to walk or to lift his leg to use the bathroom. Yet, his spirit was bigger than his pain.

The dog continued to wag his tail and accept attention from his rescuers. Henry was well-behaved which makes his story more disturbing. He was clearly once owned by someone who took the time to train him.

It would take some time to find a doctor who could remove Henry’s tumor. The surgery was going to be extremely risky and very expensive. Without the help from a skilled veterinarian and generous donations, it may have never happened.

The vet was able to remove the entire 46 pound tumor and give Henry back his life. It will take a little time to determine if the tumor is cancerous and what treatment Henry might still have ahead of him. In the meantime, Henry is able to run around and is happier than ever.

The clinic that performed the surgery is hoping to find Henry a forever home where he can live out his life being loved and cared for. They continue to search for the previous owner to determine if Henry was abandoned and what action will be taken.

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