Grandpa Thinks The Baby Announcement Is The Surprise – But The REAL Secret Is Yet To Come…

What’s better than one great-grandchild? Two! One woman’s grandfather learned this fact of life when she stopped by to see him during September of 2015. An incredible video captures the moment that this loving grandfather was given the news that the stork was going to grace his family with not just one child, but two.

It’s impossible not to feel Grandpa Ried’s infectious delight as he is presented with the ultrasound that contains proof of the twin pregnancy. When he receives the good news, his face literally lights up with intense happiness and he cries out with the kind of joy that can only be felt by grandparents.

In a world full of cynicism and problems, there’s something so refreshing about seeing this grandfather experience the excitement associated with bringing new life into the world. When one learns that his granddaughter Leann gave birth to sweet twin girls in February of this year, the news becomes even more overwhelming.

It’s so easy to picture Granda Ried playing the part of the perfect great-grandpa. If the video is any indication, these twin girls can look forward to being spoiled rotten by their doting great-grandpa. We should all be so lucky to have a Grandpa Ried in our lives!

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