George Carlin: “Here’s The Reason Why Republicans Divide Americans With Hate”

To divide and conquer is a popular maneuver that has been confirmed many times in history. Pit two distinct groups against each other while the third pulls the strings and reaps the benefits. George Carlin works this theme into his classical style of stand up for hilarious and relevant results. This pattern can be seen at work for the upcoming elections in 2016.

America’s Ruling Class

George Carlin immediately strikes at the heart of the matter by mentioning that the United States has a ruling class. Who are they and how do they escape detection? First off, George divides the country into the traditional three class of the rich, middle class, and the poor. Now he goes on to point out that all through out history, it is the goal of the rich to pit the two other classes against each other while raking in the money. How is this done? By stressing the issues that separate us instead of focusing on common traits that could unite all people.

Messenger of a Capitalist Society

In walks the media to do this task. With the middle class weary from their backbreaking work, television and radio keeps ripping the scab off of a sore subject. Taxes is what the workers of America feel they have to pay too much of. Instead of focusing on the upper class who skate on paying fair tax rates, the media drives a wedge by emphasizing the poor. Abuses of social programs get the fire stoked. That in tandem of how the middle class is one or two steps away from being poor themselves keeps their attention diverted from the rich.


Carlin half jokes that the purpose of the poor is to keep the middle class at the grindstone. Tinge the news with issues like education, jobs, ethnicity, income, race, and religion cause the other classes to not know which way is up. All of this is to the benefit of the Republican party whose purpose is to keep the rich wealthy and everyone else subjugated.

Less than two minutes and with a smile on his face, George Carlin effectively gets his message across. Issues of inclusion could heal America and allow true opportunity for everyone. By focusing on the differences that separate us, distraction serves its purpose. Use this bit of a stand up history lesson to start focusing on the ties that bind us instead of the bridges that prove hard to cross.

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