Gay Couple Re-Creates Their Pride-March Photos From 24 Years Ago

Gay Couple Re-Creates Their Pride-March Photos From 24 Years Ago

Kurt English and Nick Cordello met in 1992 and fell in love. They have been together for 25 years. They celebrated their anniversary at the Equality March in Washington D.C. They attended the Equality March back in 1993 and took a photo. They recreated the photo for the 2017 Equality March. They did the exact pose at the same location.

The couple decided to share the photo online. They had no idea how many people they would touch with the photo. The picture has been retweeted over 150,000 times on Twitter. People were touched because there are not that many pictures of gay couples growing old together. People also tagged their own significant others in the post.

Nick stated that there are many gay couples who are together for several years, so they do not consider themselves special. However, they are happy that they were able to touch many people with their post. Many people stated that they aspire to have this type of love.

Nick stated that the reason he decided to post the picture was to inspire people to not be ashamed of their sexuality. He also stated that the suicide rate among LGBTQ is high. People often commit suicide because they feel isolated. They feel like they are unable to relate to other people. He hopes that if more people share their stories, then they will feel more comfortable with their sexuality.

Nick admitted that he was once skeptical about posting pictures of him and his husband online. He knows that many people do not like to see men kissing. Nick also stated that it took time for him to feel comfortable posting these photos. People also needed time to adjust to seeing men kissing.

However, he believes that people should see more of these images. He is glad that he shared the photo. He believes that the photo will inspire more people to not be ashamed of the person they are with.

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