FOX News Finallly Admits Benghazi Investigation Was Total Hoax To Smear Hillary’s Campaign

Conservative news outlet Fox News has given up one aspect of its mudslinging against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Recently, anchor Shepard Smith conveyed the news that the Benghazi hearings were intended as a hoax that would dupe the American public into hating Hillary Clinton. Specifically, Smith declared that after two years, seven million dollars in funding, and eight investigations, no evidence of wrongdoing could be gleaned against Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Widely considered to be the engine for Republican conspiracies and propaganda, Fox’s admittance of nothing wrong should do much to quell the rumors. While countless dollars of tax money were used to fund the government’s investigations into the tragic incident, nothing came out of the reports beyond partisan efforts to dismantle a presidential candidate.

Analysts may claim that another reason for Fox’s admittance of Hillary’s clear conscience might be the channel’s flagging viewership. One polling source claims that Fox’s viewership among Republicans has dropped down from 10th place in 2014 to 50th place in the present day. Yet another reason for the channel’s concession would be the most recent poll figures that posit Trump’s chances of winning Super Tuesday at next to zero percent.

The Benghazi investigations accounted for more than 100k documents and hundreds of witnesses without so much as an ounce of ammunition against Clinton as a politico. Even after millions of dollars were put toward sniffing out trouble, the acting Secretary of Defense mocked the critics’ assessment of the Benghazi attacks. About the only notable discovery of the Benghazi report is that four Americans lost their lives because the Republican-led funding committee had cut funding to security at its various embassies. While hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on investigating Benghazi, it is highly doubtful that another investigation will go into the actions that led to cutting the security costs of embassies in foreign lands.

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