Family Pulls Over When They See Girl on Side of Road. What They See Over The Cliff’s Edge

On June 8, 2015, mom Angela Shymanski was in the car with her daughter, Lexi, age five, and her baby son Peter, making a routine trip in the car. The tired mom fell asleep while driving, according to the Prince George Citizen. The car hit a tree when it left the road and plummeted down an embankment 40 feet before it came to a stop.

A few moments later, Lexi was awakened from unconsciousness by her baby brother’s crying. Unfortunately, Angela Shymanski was still unconscious, so Lexi decided to go for help. She decided to do what she thought her mother would do, and went to get help. She climbed the steep embankment back up to the main road in her bare feet to wave to passing cars to get help.

A family of three found Lexi. The father climbed down the embankment to rescue the baby. In the meantime, help was summoned. Firefighters and paramedics safely removed Angela from the wreckage of the accident. Angela sustained severe injuries as a result of the crash, which included a broken back and internal injuries. Baby Peter had a small amount of bleeding in his brain. But without Lexi’s bravery and fast thinking, the outcome of this accident could have been much worse. Angela and Peter Shymanski were both released from the hospital and are recovering due to Lexi’s quick thinking and actions.

The Shymanski family set up a GoFundMe account to pay for their hospital bills.

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