Family Dog Was Lost For 2 Years, Watch Her Reaction When Mom Finally Gets Out Of The Car

All pet owners understand the joy that pets can bring into your life. They can make you laugh, and they offer comfort and support during troubling times. Unfortunately, many pets go missing each year, and they’re not always found. One lost dog’s story had a happy ending, though, when she was found and returned after traveling 700 miles away from home.

Two years ago, Alma Dominguez lost her puppy during a rainstorm. She adored her dog and mourned her loss every day. After searching for months, she began to believe that she’d never see her puppy, Leia, again. Two years later, she made a hopeful phone call to a woman who might have found her dog. Annmarie Anderson, the woman on the other end of the phone call, had found a dog that looked just like Leia and had a matching collar.

Both women were surprised and skeptical at first. Alma lives in El Paso, Texas, and Annmarie lives in Denver. Leia would have had to travel about 700 miles over the two years she was missing to arrive at Annmarie’s house. However, the two women exchanged information on Facebook and shared their pictures of the dog. They realized that the dog Annmarie found was, in fact, Leia.

Alma and Annmarie still don’t know how Leia made it all the way to Colorado, but all that mattered to Alma was that her beloved dog was found. She and her husband, Alberto, immediately booked a flight to Denver to pick Leia up. Annmarie waited outside with Leia as Alma’s car pulled up. As soon as Leia saw her owner, she ran over and jumped up. The dog was clearly ecstatic to see Alma, and Alma was overjoyed that her dog didn’t forget her. She immediately burst into tears and gave Annmarie a hug, thanking her for saving her dog.

The details of Leia’s incredible journey will probably always remain a mystery. However, Alma is just happy to have her dog back. Since the two were reunited, they’ve spent most of their time together. This story is the perfect example of the great bond between pets and their owners. Even after two years, Leia remembered Alma, and the two clearly love each other very much.

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