Dog Was Acting Up, Mom Called The School To Check On Her Daughter, What He Sensed Is Extraordinary

Diabetes is not an easy disease to cope with. Those who have it must be aware of their blood sugar levels at all times and must recognize when the levels spike and when they are low.

In addition, they must be conscious of the types of food they eat. Children have an even harder time managing diabetes than adults, which is why the parents of young children must be diligent when it comes to caring for their diabetic child. Parents must closely monitor their child’s blood sugar levels and must make sure their child receives medical checkups on a regular basis.

The parents of 4-year old Sadie, who has type 1 diabetes, where very aware of how serious this disease is and took extra precautions to make certain she was safe. Sadie’s parents obtained a diabetic alert dog for their daughter to make sure their daughter’s blood sugar levels never dropped to a life-threatening level. The dog is, fittingly, named Hero. The dog lived up to his name when he amazingly detected that there was a problem with Sadie’s blood sugar levels when she was five miles away at her school.

In December of 2015, Hero began whining non-stop. This odd behavior alerted Sadie’s mother because the dog is generally very quiet and relaxed at home. Sadie’s mom contacted the school and asked that Sadie’s blood sugar be checked. It was discovered that Sadie’s blood sugar was at an alarmingly low level. Undoubtedly, Hero saved the young girl’s life, which is why her parents will forever be grateful to Hero for his remarkable intuition.

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