Deputy Pumping Gas When She Notices A Stranger Behind Her. What He Does To Her…OMG

Deputy Darren Golfoth was recently shot in the head while pumping gas. That is why when a stranger approach a female police officer, she instinctively placed her hand on her gun. Luckily, the stranger was only a 16 year-old named McKinley.

McKinley asked the officer if she would like for him to watch her while she pumps gas so that she feels safe. The police officer agreed and the teen stood in front of the officer fed her vehicle. The officer stated in an interview that no one should have to be afraid when they pump gas. She said she was impressed that a teen would be observant and kind enough to help keep her safe while she pumped gas. After all, she’s the one who’s there “To Server and Protect”…

After the officer finished pumping her gas, she gave the teen a hug. McKinley was thrilled and stated that he had never been hugged by a cop. The two took a picture at the gas station to celebrate the momentus occasion.

The picture has been shared over 200,000 times on social media. It has also received over 636,000 likes on Facebook. It is gaining a lot of positive attention all over america

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