Delayed Flight Leaves Passengers Enraged, Then 4 Old Men Decided To Turn Things Around.

It was a crisp winter day at the Indianapolis airport. Golden sunshine streamed through the jet’s windows, and the weather was favorable for take-off. Still, the plane remained on the ground. On board, passengers bound for New Orleans were eagerly awaiting departure. Then came the apologetic announcement. The plane required maintenance, involving a five-hour delay. Palpable tension gripped the cabin, as the patrons voiced their dismay.

Attempting to keep the travelers calm, flight attendant Kari Mann engaged them in animated conversation. While chatting with four elder gentlemen, she learned they comprised a barbershop quartet. Famed as “Port City Sound,” the ensemble hailed from the state of Maine. Kari invited them to sing, and the foursome kindly obliged.

Suddenly, smooth tones suffused the cabin with upbeat energy. Grinning at each other and enjoying themselves, the men crooned a popular Drifter’s tune. A rich rendition of “Under the Boardwalk” was met with amazed attention. The harmony was pitch-perfect, exquisite, and embellished by a bass voice, keeping time. At the lively tune’s conclusion, the cabin rumbled with applause.

The talented troupe saved the day, for which Kari was delighted and grateful. Buoyed by the first-class performance, the travelers withstood the remaining delay in good spirits. Fortunately for us, the concert was filmed and went viral. Thank you, Port City Sound! You rock!

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