Dad Photoshoppes His Baby Girl’s Face – And Mom Can’t Believe What He’s Done…

The website Reddit can often get a bad rap. It is an entertainment website with elements of social networking where users are allowed to submit links and posts directly to the site. Recently Reddit has been in the news for some of it more controversial content.

However, there is a caring side to the site as well. Recently a user who goes by the name steffel07 posted on the site asking other users if they could use their skills to Photoshop a picture of his newborn daughter.

The user turned out to be Ohio resident Nathen Steffel, who was also a grieving father at the time he made that request. The picture was of his newborn daughter Sophia who was born with a liver condition called hepatic hemangioma.

Little Sophia only lived to be six weeks old and the picture that Nathen and his wife had of her showed her face covered in tubes. His request to Reddit was to Photoshop the tubes out of the picture since they were never able to get a photo of her without them during her life.

The Reddit community came together and responded to his request. Nathen received responses from people all over the world who sent him the Photoshopped version of Sophia without the tubes. Others sent him sketches of the newborn, some even mailed their work to the Steffels. Others reached out to share their personal stories or condolences to the couple. Nathen said that he and his wife were blown away by how many people Sophia’s story touched around the world.

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