Conservative ‘Christian’: America Should Be Like Iran…Force Women To Cover Up By Law!

Conservative ‘Christian’: America Should Be Like Iran…Force Women To Cover Up By Law!

A legislator in Montana just made a highly controversial statement that many people believe likened conservative Christian women to fundamentalists in the Islamic world. Republican David Moore proposed a bill that affects women’s attire greatly. The bill restricts women from wearing apparel that’s overly tight or that shows a lot of skin. Under the guidelines of HB 365, it would even be unlawful for females to sport yoga pants, a very common piece of exercise clothing. Moore even explicitly indicated that the new bill would stop women from every wearing yoga pants outside of their own homes.

Moore decided that this bill was a good idea after seeing unclothed people ride bikes in August. These people were participants in a “Bare As You Dare” happening. Women weren’t the sole focus of Moore’s bill, however. The bill also aims to stop men from showing their nipples.

Individuals who decide to ignore the guidelines of this bill are subject to fines. These fines can be as high as $10,000. If people are seen committing three offenses, they could even spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Moore wasn’t alone in his enthusiasm of this bill. He had the full support of Walt Hill, who used to work as a professor. Hill indicated his desire for Montana to be a state of decency. Hill also noted that he wanted children to be properly shielded from debasing and immoral actions. Many people are outraged by Moore’s proposal, comparing it to the oppression of females in many Muslim societies.

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