Chocolate Lab Was Missing For 5 Years… Now Watch Him Finally His Family Again:

Far worse than the natural demise of a pet is when a beloved animal goes missing. For five long years, one family in Indiana had to console themselves with the painful reality that they would never see their cherished chocolate labrador dog ever again after he went missing. But after a timely intervention by an animal rights organization, the family experienced a joyous reunion with their long-lost canine.

Recently, the Humane Society of the United States intervened in a remote property in Adams County in Ohio, ultimately rescuing over 150 dogs and cats from dire circumstances. Dozens of animals had been cruelly staked outside to chains, left to sleep and live on a patch of bare earth.

“When we began examining the animals that we liberated, we discovered a friendly, chocolate labrador dog who had been chained up near the front of the property,” said the Humane Society in a statement released on social media. “We scanned all of the animals for a microchip and discovered that the chocolate lab was named Chuckie, and that he had been reported missing more than five years ago by a family in Indiana.”

After carefully analyzing the rescued animals, the Humane Society discovered 26 dogs that had been imported from South Korea, as well as another dog with a microchip named Duffy. But it was the reunion with Chuckie that moved even the most hardened veterans of the Humane Society to tears. As you can see in the video below, Chuckie’s return home was a joyous event. Despite the years of hardship, the faithful canine clearly remembered the members of his human family, happily frolicking and playing with his long-lost owners.

The family was beyond ecstatic, grateful and relieved to finally have Chuckie back home with them, where he belonged. Warning: the video contains some footage recorded by the Humane Society detailing the cruel conditions in which they found Chuckie, and some people may find the images disturbing. Feel free to share this video with all of your friends to celebrate a win for the good guys, and the happy return of Chuckie to his loving human family!

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