Carlos Santana To Obama: “We’re Blessed With Your Divine Leadership”

Carlos Santana To Obama: “We’re Blessed With Your Divine Leadership”

Out of the many celebrities lending their support and kudos to President Barack Obama, superstar guitarist Carlos Santana has been front and center recently. In an open letter after Obama’s last State of the Union address, Santana eloquently expressed his deep admiration and appreciation for the president.

Highlighting President Obama’s deep compassion and commitment to world peace, the famous musician went on to say that he felt Obama’s sphere of influence has even gone on to surpass JFK’s. Expressing his hope that Obama and his family would continue to stay safe and flourish, Santana also went on to describe his own personal feelings about Donald Trump. Trump, of course, has had a multitude of negative things to say about President Obama, and Carlos Santana made a very clear declaration about where he stands in his letter.

In fact, Santana even digs deep and recalls a childhood memory to portray his emotions about Donald Trump and the ideas for which he stands. Santana describes being a little boy growing up in Tijuana, and how his family would take him over the border to visit the world-famous San Diego Zoo. When Santana noticed a crowd gathered around an ape’s enclosure at the zoo, he came closer. The ape seemed angry at the crowd, and eventually became so enraged that he defecated in his own hand and threw the mess at his audience. This is the manner in which Carlos Santana believes that Donald Trump behaves, operating on a base level that does not promote alliances or world peace.

In Santana’s view, Trump is a war monger who must be stopped. The negative emotions that he spews are poisonous to those who gather around him. Stating his case for the continuation of Obama’s work in getting the world to come back together, Santana pleads for the people of the world to unite as one. A true optimist, he calls for everyone to unite and make peace. Furthermore, he believes that such a peace is attainable in our lifetimes, and that we should strive to make it happen as soon as possible.

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