Can You Find The Hidden Panda In This Picture? I Couldn’t See The Answer…

An amazing new phenomenon is sweeping the Internet, which can be perhaps be best labeled as the “Do you see it now?” craze. This handy label refers to a series of cartoon images that have been driving millions of people all across the world very nearly crazy. These images purport to be of an instantly solvable nature. But, for some, the attempt to find the proverbial needle in the hay stack has proven to be a quest from which they have yet to return. Can YOU Spot The Panda?!!

Gregerly Dudás, an illustrator who hails from the Eastern European nation of Hungary, is the man who is responsible for the latest of these images. As if the legendary “Where’s Waldo?” franchise didn’t do enough to shake the confidence of millions of people in the reliability of their own sense perception, his new image shows a panda lost among a sea of snow men…or does it?

Some people claim that they are able to find the panda in a matter of mere seconds, under 5 to be exact. Many others have taken much longer to find the hiding bear, and plenty of people are still looking. The flap over the image has become a major world wide craze, with the picture having been shared among millions of dumbfounded recipients. The Viral Panda Is Loose After creating the illustration, Mr. Dudás shared it on his personal Facebook page. A few days passed, after which he suddenly came to find that the image had gathered up over 42,000 likes, followed by over 100,000 shares. Since then, the popularity of the image has only increased.

While millions of people have claimed that there is no panda, many others have already discovered its existence (naturally, without giving away any clues to those who still remain in doubt). This Christmas themed viral sensation has certainly done its share to amuse and confuse the population of the world at a time when such a diversion was a most welcome event. Bravo to you, Mr. Dudás!

Can You Find The Hidden Panda In This Picture? I Couldn’t See The Answer…

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