Bush Says Ignore Pope On Climate Because He Thinks The Pope Isn’t Smart Enough

The Pope has a passion for climate change, but there are plenty of politicians whose own climate denial looks bad because of this. Therefore, Jeb Bush has said that the Pope’s stance on climate change should be ignored, and that he should stick to religion, because “he is not a scientist”. Little did Jeb Bush know that before Pope Francis became a religious official, he graduated with a degree in chemistry and worked in a chemistry lab.

Bush may have been correct about Pope Francis not currently working in a scientific field, but the Pope is still a scientifically literate man, a supporter of evolution and the Big Band Theory, and far more of a scientist than Bush. Bush, on the other hand, is not qualified to discredit the Pope’s beliefs, as his degree lies in Latin American studies and he has no scientific background.

Bush claims that deregulating businesses is the best way to go about climate control, despite the fact that businesses have pushed back against regulation. This has resulted in oil spills and other disastrous events that are anything but helpful to the environment.

It seems that most of the GOP, like Bush, do not have the knowledge needed to talk seriously about the environment. Ben Carson, a fellow Republican presidential candidate, takes the bible literally and believes that the theory of evolution was created by Satan so that Christians would be deceived.
Pope Francis may not be a working scientist, but he is much smarter than a lot of the politicians running for president.

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