Boehner And GOP Ready To Destroy Homeland Security In Order To Attack Obama

Boehner And GOP Ready To Destroy Homeland Security In Order To Attack Obama

In another futile attempt to undermine President Obama’s executive authority, Senator John Boehner and his far-to-the-right-wing brethren are willing to let the unthinkable take place if the party doesn’t get its way concerning immigration reform.

With Homeland Security funding set to expire this month, the senator and his oligarchic power-driven partners in crime are willing to play the partisan politics game at the expense of putting national security at risk. Earmarks, pet projects and ambiguously worded amendments are attached to the Homeland Security bill that would render Obama’s executive order regarding immigration null and void.

The proposed bill is considered to be more of a formality than anything else, as democrats in the Senate are using what power they do have to filibuster the proposed legislation; even if the bill miraculously makes it through, the president will unequivocally use his power to veto the measure. Causing a divide within the GOP is something the general public has become all too familiar with; even newly elected Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pleading with Boehner to devise a clean spending bill.

When McConnell got reelected, he told voters that there would be no more threats to shut down the government, and it looks like his own party is planning to make a liar out of him once again. While funding for national security hangs in the balance, lawmakers have decided to take a 10-day break in honor of how hard they’ve worked to put a bipartisan bill on the table. Once they recuperate from severe exhaustion, they’ll have a total of four days to come up with comprehensive legislation that stands a ghost of a chance in making it past the president’s desk.

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