Bernie Sanders Just Halted A Campaign Speech to Help An Unconscious Man

Bernie Sanders Just Halted A Campaign Speech to Help An Unconscious Man

Normally, a short, six second video clip of an older man rushing away from a microphone to help another man who had fallen offstage unconscious would be interesting, but not particularly newsworthy. But for those many of us who are aware of the US presidential campaign, we know this man as Bernie Sanders.

The video shows candidate Bernie Sanders at a press conference in Concord, New Hampshire. After a loud thud, Sanders looks off to his right, and upon seeing that the thud was caused by a man falling, he rushes off to see how he can help. A couple of men are already helping, but neither of them, it would seem, have the type of status that Sanders does, and neither of them, for sure, are in the midst of an important press conference in an important New England voting swing state.

The fallen man seems to be alright by the time Sanders reaches his side (we see the other men beginning to back up as the man props himself up on his hands and knees), but the video is definitely interesting, if not remarkable.

There is always plenty of mudslinging to go around during political campaigns, as candidates jockey for position to appear to be the more moral. We see the ads on TV and hear all the chatter. But to see a seemingly honest reaction to a situation such as this is rather refreshing amidst all of the tactics and verbal war. Whether or not you think that Sanders is a legitimate candidate for President, at least you know that he’ll run to help you out if you fall (or at least he’ll help this man).

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