Alec Baldwin to Return to ‘SNL’ as Donald Trump Once Again

Alec Baldwin to Return to ‘SNL’ as Donald Trump Once Again

Let’s make television great again!

For those viewers who enjoyed seeing him on “Saturday Night Live”, now is the time for you to get excited. Actor Alec Baldwin has recently confirmed that he will be returning to the small screen again sometime soon to play United States President Donald Trump on sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. In the past, 59-year-old Baldwin had been unsure if he would return to SNL to play the commander-in-chief any time soon. This past March he had said that he was hesitant to play President Trump again because he was afraid that the viewers were tiring of his impression. That does not seem to be the case.

Baldwin has a very extensive track record with “Saturday Night Live”. Not only has his Trump impression been a huge hit with fans of the show, but he has also hosted the show an impressive 17 times! During a recent celebrity roast hosted on Spike TV, many of the famous participants mentioned Baldwin’s hilarious impersonation and commended him for it. Stars that commented on his Trump impersonation include his peers such as Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz, Julianne Moore, as well as Hollywood legend Robert De Niro.

Earlier this week Baldwin made an appearance in New York City to promote his latest film “Blind” coming out. During his appearance, Baldwin confirmed that he will be back as Trump on “Saturday Night Live” sometime in the near future. He did mention that he will be appearing on the sketch show sporadically throughout the fall season. Only sporadically both due to his hectic schedule, as well as not wanting to over-saturate viewers with his orange tan and out-of-control blonde wig. Baldwin’s last appearance as the President was during SNL’s season finale this past May. He appeared in the finale along side with Scarlett Johansson playing first daughter Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon impersonating Kellyanne Conway, and Tom Hanks and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announcing their bid for the Presidency in 2020.

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