After Jabbing Plastic Sticks Into Hot Dogs I Was Confused. But When She Does THIS I Started Drooling

Summertime is all about cookouts on the grill. Hamburgers, ears of corn, grilled veggies and hotdogs top the menus. This recipe adds something extra that is sure to please the crowds when you turn the usual all-American hotdog into the popular carnival treat – the corn dog.

Start with lollipop sticks. You can purchase these at any supermarket or craft store these days due to the cake pop craze. If you can’t find them, use wooden skewers instead.

The instructions to make the miniature corn dogs are simple. Start by cutting each high quality hot dog in half. Stick one lollipop stick in the bottom of each one.

The batter recipe from includes flour, cornmeal, just a touch of sugar, baking powder, milk and a shake of salt and pepper. Mix this all together and pour it into a tall glass for easy dipping.

Like carnival corn dogs, these have to be deep fried. Four inches of oil in a sturdy pan will work, but you can also use an electric deep fryer appliance as well as long as you have a way to keep the lollipop sticks out of the oil safely.

Dip each cut hot dog in the batter so it has a nice thick coat and then place it in the hot oil. Frying these yummy treats should take about three minutes. Drain on a paper towel before serving with ketchup and mustard.

All the guests at your next party will love this spin on the classic hot dog. They’re so easy to make and will surely be a crowd pleaser.

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