A Soldier Is Being Filmed When He Hears Crying. Who Walks In Next Has Tears Running Down My Face

When you hear someone crying, you might think that there is something wrong. However, there are times when someone cries about the happiest moments in life.

A soldier has been away from his family while being deployed. He has been away for seven months. His wife had a baby while he was deployed. The man has only seen his son through pictures. He hasn’t been able to hold him since he was born.

Operation Homefront makes sure soldiers are near their families in any way possible. The group is going to give the man one of the best gifts that he has ever received. While the man is doing an interview, he doesn’t suspect that he is about to see his baby for the first time.

He hears a child talking and looks to see where the sound is coming from. The door opens, and his wife walks in with his daughter and son.

This soldier who fights for the safety of the United States finally gets to hold his baby boy. The love that is displayed is like nothing else. This is truly a moment when a parent exhibits the love for a child and when one realizes the sacrifices made for the safety of others.

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